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Abouzar Mohammadi, Iranian electronic genre mixer was born in Iran,  06/December/1990, the only thing that could be said about him is that; he's one of the lovers of music and especially Trance (House and Progressive), his more focus on mix is House. Each mix has a version that's compatible with the cadence put in that. In his goal there are 6 vows about trance music:
1st vow: Enhanced Dream$ that included 7 radio shows (Completed vow)
2nd vow: Night 5ky that included 7 radio shows (Completed vow)
3rd vow: Private Collection that included 7 radio shows (Completed vow)
4th vow: Grey Horison included 7 radio shows (Completed vow)
5th vow: Flashback that included 7 radio shows (Not Completed vow)
6th vow: Trance for the Creator (TFC) (Not Completed Vow)

Abouzar favourite trance producers are: Above & Beyond, Oliver Smith, Jaytech, MeHiLove, Genix, Dayone, Armin Van Buuren, Yahel Sherman, Jon O'Bir, Gareth Emery, Arty, Mat Zo & ATB and the King of Trance "TIESTO". .
Abouzar's word about trance: Life is Trance and Trance is Life, just.

The instruments that Abouzar works with:
the Pioneer deck, the DJ Mixer software and Virtual DJ Pro software.